Day in Lima

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Phew!  What a day it has been in Lima for Mike and me.


A quick background – a couple weeks ago, I was asked by our director to jump on over to Paraguay by myself to plan some future financials for a possible Extreme project there.  It’s just about as crazy as it sounds…SO, we’ve had to squeeze a lot of planning and ticket purchasing into the past couple busy weeks.

Today was spent trying to obtain my visa for entry into the country.  The director said it took a couple hours for him…ha.  Maybe rules and times have changed (not sure when he went), but that wasn’t the case.  We had researched online all the requirements, so I had completely filled out 2 applications, gotten “passport size” pictures taken, etc.  After checking our bags in for the next flight (12 hours later), storing our backpacks in lockers for the day, and an almost-hour-long taxi ride, we arrived at the Embassy.  Eventually, it is our turn to sit at the one desk there.  I then have to re-fill out the whole application (twice) so that it is on the “right paper.”  Okay, hand cramp. 🙂  Longer story short, we did everything we needed to do, paid everything we needed to pay, and then found out that it wouldn’t be ready till tomorrow morning.  Um, ahhhhhhh please no….I mean, we were headed to Pucallpa tonight for the project we HAVE to be there for…and I already had purchased my international tickets to Asuncion (to leave next Monday)…etc etc.  So we reasoned with them, back and forth, back and forth, and finally they said “just this once” they would have it ready by 4:00pm.   Good, they were really nice, I’m glad I still like them.


We then proceeded to spend the next 5 hours wandering around that area of town (the best and safest in Lima), window shopping, eating, etc.

Visa in hand.

Today’s goal = complete.  Now to get on the last plane of the day and hop in bed in Pucallpa…

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