First Time in Paraguay

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Well, since the last post, I really DID go to Paraguay – just haven’t posted about it yet.  It was a blur of a week filled with visiting endless places to price everything from carrots to apartment rentals to bus companies to hotel services to car purchases to video rentals!  The Vargas family was really the perfect host.  I had my own room with own little noisy A/C unit (PTL!) and my own bathroom.  They cooked me a big breakfast every morning and we usually went out to eat most days so I could price different class-levels of restaurants.  They are all so super nice and I loved staying with them.  After a giant breakfast and a giant late lunch, I usually didn’t eat much for dinner but maybe a few sunflower seeds and a pear.

The Vargas Family: Felix & wife, Liliana / kids, in age order: Juan David, Laura, Daniel “Dani”

My Spanish is a thousand times better than it was when I first moved to Peru, but wow, trying to talk to Colombians (the Vargases) and Paraguayans really challenged me with different accents and vocabulary.  Mike was still in Pucallpa at the current project, so we didn’t get to talk very much, so not much English that week for me!

The local pop – tastes very similar to Peru’s Inca Kola.
The Vargas house!
The local “mate” – they drink it hot like the Argentinians, but in the super hot summer, they drink it cold.  You see locals walking everywhere with a jug full of ice water attached to their hip.

Felix Vargas has one phenomenal story.  If you have time, look it up.  Just being around him that week was a beautiful witness.  The absolutely loving and caring way he speaks to his wife, his fellow church people, and even the waiters was an amazing thing to experience – especially knowing his past life’s story.

Laura and me.  She and Dani are twins!

Overall, I LOVED Asunción and can’t wait to go visit again one day…this time with Mike…and this time with maybe a little more “fun.”  🙂

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