First Time in Wisconsin

This post originally published on a previously-owned “travel” blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

All of Mike’s dad’s side of the family live in Wisconsin.  Last week, we traveled there to celebrate Mike’s grandparents’ 60th anniversary!  It was my first time in that state and I really enjoyed finally getting to know all of that side of the family.

Mike and me in front of his grandparents’ house.
Mike learning all about his genealogy from grandpa Clarence.
Had to be the dorky tourist!
The town of Beloit is actually right on the border with Illinois – in fact the line goes right down one of the main roads in town.
After the first couple days, I was disappointed that all we had eaten along the lines of cheese was plain old cheddar! I had heard so much about Clarence’s expertise in cheese that Mike and I asked him about it. We suddenly were in the car on the way to the best place nearby to get cheese.
The Aged Swiss (about 3 years) was my favorite but the German Brick was very good, too.  But I can go the rest of my entire life without ever trying the Limburger again…
Eating all the cheese with crackers!
Mike and Jon playing pool in the Georges’ basement (where we stayed).
Clarence and Joan with their four remaining children – my father-in-law on the right.
Mike and his little brother, Jon.
Me and my favorite buddy, Aidan – Mike’s cousin’s son.
The boys with cousin Wendy (mother of Aidan).
Forgot to get a picture of the beautiful cake before it was half eaten. But it was HUGE.
The giant poster they made for Clarence & Joan.
On the poster…see Mike?
I even made the poster!
Giant number balloons!


Ken & Lori’s house, where we stayed while we were in town.

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