The Disappearing Act

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. I hope you enjoy the content!

My goodness!  So sorry for the delay in writing!  The Drinkwater Kitchen had to be put on a sudden hold due to a surprise trip to Idaho (and staying in a place without internet).  I thought I’d get another post in there but then we needed to turn right around and head up to Portland for my youngest sister’s major surgery.  We knew it was coming but it was still a big emotional event.  Lots of driving, little sleeping, and many other crazy things happening in the Drinkwater home that I am just now clearing the fog that was my brain for a while!
The surgery went very well, by the way, and she will be recovering in the hospital for the rest of the week before allowed to come home to recover many more weeks here.  You can follow any more updates we write on our other blog.
 I completely forgot that I had 3 pumpkins in the garage!!  I picked them out last week when we went to the apple orchard.  They were going to be my weekend project and then my weekend was spent entirely different than planned…
So, stay tuned for super awesome pumpkin posts.  Oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t speak so soon…I thought I’d have super awesome apple posts, too…haha.

1 thought on “The Disappearing Act

  1. Awesome–I can't wait to see what you cook up with those beautiful pumpkins. I've only cooked with squash twice this season so far, and I really need to change that. This weekend the goal is to make mini pumpkin muffins . . . we'll see if that happens.


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