A Little More of Idaho This Time

This post originally published on a previously-owned “travel” blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Mike and I were planning on going to Idaho for Thanksgiving to be with parts of my side of the family.  Then, turns out, both of our jobs really needed us there that week.  Then, my uncle passed away while we were there also.  So it was quite a whirlwind 10 or so days, but we were certainly glad that we could be there with the family at that time.  I baked a little bit while we were there (see my other super awesome blog) and tried desperately to keep up with my work.  Oh, and I contracted a very strange neck issue that is still lasting to this day (yes, I am writing this on January 8th but back-posting it!), so I didn’t feel like doing anything…the least of all, taking pictures!

Given the circumstances, we ended up not taking very many pictures as I promised in the last Idaho post, but ya know.  Stuff happens. 🙂

P1020218 - Copy.JPG

We DID get to meet up with several local Extremies in the area so that was a really fun dinner at good ole Johnny Carino’s!

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