Being Blessed in a Very Hot City

This post originally published on a previously-owned “travel” blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!
Last week was my first time in Colombia!  I spent several days there working with the Corks (who are now some of my favorite people in all the world) in setting up all sorts of things.  Mike and I, of course, had some great experience in hosting short-term teams so we spent a lot of time going over different aspects/details.  It was a very productive week that hopefully was a good help to them to feel not so overwhelmed in taking on this new huge project all by themselves!  Remember to pray for them as they continue to figure out a very different culture, grow relationships with the church and its people, and prepare for the very-soon-coming first project team!
I was also blessed BEYOND measure with being able to attend a few services at the largest Nazarene church in the world!  (At least, it’s closely competing with one in Brazil anyway….)  Alyson and I went to a service Wednesday night.  Pastora Nineye (the pastor’s wife) preached and it was unbelievable.  Not only her words and passion for God but also the vast numbers of people there and the power of Christ that was among us.  It was AWESOME.
P1030835 - Copy.JPG
We had a lot of fun surviving in their bare apartment, too.  Fortunately, the church was wanting to take care of them and find everything they needed from within the church body, so they had the necessities!  Here is Wellington helping me warm up my dinner.
Also, a quick shot of Alyson & me working in the church building.  Normally, we were able to work upstairs in their communications/tech office where they had a lovely little A/C machine (no windows so it was a bit necessary), but sometimes we worked downstairs.  Sweating can’t kill ya!
And, as luck would have it, I was there when they HAD to check out some “tour” options for our short-term volunteers so we had a friend take us to the old part of the city and see some really cool old buildings, churches, and more.

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