Extreme Accounting

In movies, jokes or clichés the career of an accountant is frequently used as one of the most boring, high suicidal rate jobs out there.

And, yeah, it can be very boring and awful. Especially auditing…blech.

But I have an accounting job that ROCKS.  You’ll probably hear about it from time to time, because there are so many different things I do and, well, it is my full-time job…

On stinking early Monday morning, I’ll be beginning a jaunt over to Asunción, Paraguay.  I’ll arrive late afternoon on Tuesday at the home of some of our closest friends.  We met each other when we all lived in Peru and now they have moved to Asunción to manage our project in that country.  (One day I’ll talk better about what our organization is all about.)

The purpose of this trip is to train Sarah in managing the field finances for all that’s involved in our Paraguay Project.  I did this last May for both our gals in Colombia and Peru.  THAT was a crazy trip, doing both in 15 days…

But anyway, I’m excited to go.  I’m mostly packed, of course.  It would totally stress me out if I wasn’t yet!

In my first accounting job after college, no one ever said, “whoa, you have an awesome job.”  Now, still an accountant, they do!  I love traveling and God has blessed me with both a job I’m gifted at (organizing numbers ha) and chances to get up and move around more often than most.  Love it!

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