goodbye to paraguay

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

I love my friend, Sarah.  I just love her. 🙂  We had a wonderful week together, along with her family.  She’s a fast learner and I was impressed.  She has no accounting background and I have all the confidence that she’s going to handle this new position with ease.

We ended up doing almost nothing but work and hanging out at home.  We went to the the grocery store a few times and, of course, church, but didn’t really do anything besides that till yesterday.  Granted, I never felt like doing anything, this icky sick has been lingering so…

But yesterday, Sarah and I went out with another awesome missionary gal, Charlie, for a long lunch.  Before that, I was able to visit the Vargas’ house for a while and see them one more time before I leave.  Later, I was able to meet the rest of Charlie’s family (minus oldest son who’s away for school) and that was great, too!

Minus two of their kiddos and plus two Foster boys. 🙂

It’s interesting – I feel so totally comfortable here in this “South American” environment.  Going to the grocery store, exploring all kinds of food and unfamiliar brands, being stared at, speaking Spanish, the traffic…all of it.  It makes me wonder if one day God’s going to call us back to the foreign field.  But for now, our field is Eugene.  He’s obviously called us there and that’s where we will serve!

I’m sad to leave my good friends, but excited to see Mike tomorrow night.  I have a super busy month ahead of me and need to really get a move on it!  Here are a few more random pics:

After an unsuccessful search, Ryan thought of using a toolbox for project money.  Clever.


They have REALLY good hot dogs here.  This is Ryan’s plateful before he doctored them all up. 🙂

I witnessed Sarah’s incredible bravery in driving in the crazier parts of Asunción for the first time.  She did great!!


The whole group of 40/40s in Paraguay.
My little handsome roommates!


Islenia took me out to ice cream one of my first days here.  She is an awesome person with a huge heart for her ministry here in Paraguay.

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