This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Last year began something new in my life… something that seemed fantastically fun in my head and on paper, but turned out to be a lot of work.  Gardening.

My first batch of carrots ever!

All together now . . . duh.

I mean, I knew it involved work but it was exhausting and was a huge stretch just to remember to water.  I have a bad memory when it comes to forming a new a habit!

Yet, I’m not deterred to quit.  Now that I’ve made it through my first year, on a steep learning curve I might add, I feel more confident.  I’m not letting myself get out of hand, however, since I really want to make over our entire backyard with cutesy awesome ideas I have on my pinterest board.  🙂

I’m sticking to the 2 raised beds we already have.  And I’m obsessed with the Square Foot Gardening book.  I’ve read it from cover to cover and plan on skimming through all my underlines in prep for this Spring.

It’s a must read.  And after you finish it (or probably well before), you will be convinced for life that this is the method for you.  The author talks about the most efficient way of gardening including staggering crops, exactly how many of each type can fit in certain areas, and even talks about the perfect soil mix.  A staggering amount of reviewers claim to have no or less than a a few weeds all season long!

He additionally writes on raised beds, the research behind the perfect heights and has beautiful tutorials on building them.

I love efficiency and, most of all, I love organization.  If you enjoy gardening, consider yourself an expert or even want to learn for the first time, this is the book for you.  Mr. Bartholomew has me wholly convinced.

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