This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

It was almost 2 years late for Mike and me, but this book was still helpful in what seems to be our never-ending transition from the mission field back home.  It was written about 20 years ago, so there are a few things funnily outdated; however, the overall message is clear and effective.

The re-entry for a missionary is hard, no matter how great you think someone’s handling it.  There are a lot of issues and oftentimes it’s not something others can understand.  This is when it’s very important to be closer to God than ever.

There weren’t a lot of “ah ha” moments, but it was reassuring seeing all our emotions, thoughts and changes described to a T on paper.  Of course we knew there were others out there – we didn’t feel alone, per se, but to read about it in an organized fashion with great clarity and suggestions for coping/adjusting…well, it was just quite good for us.

Not only do missionaries returning need to read this (before leaving the field, ideally), but if local Stateside church members and/or family members did, missionary transitions would be so much smoother for all parties.

Fortunately, I’m glad to report that a lot of the pitfalls the book warns against were things we personally avoided.  Partially because were are still full-time missionaries and partially because we have become so involved in our local church.

It’s a simple book.  A very quick read.  The font size is strangely big, making it harder to read, but grammar and punctuation were accurate, which unfortunately my eyes are always editing…  🙂  If any missionaries (short-term or long-term) have returned and are just now hearing about this book, I recommend still reading it!

Make the transition from missions to life at home as smoothly as possible.  Buy it here.

P.S.  There is a more recent book out there on the same subject, but the author used the same analogy in the book description online as Re-Entry and for some reason that bugged me.  I don’t know, perhaps they are friends or even relatives and the later person had permission.  It just didn’t seem original, so I stuck with the book that has been recommended to me. 🙂

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