crazy love, pt. 1

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

I don’t typically read a book just because it’s popular.  If it’s come up enough times that it’s bugging me, I’ll then research it, read reviews, read descriptions and then maybe buy it.  🙂  I don’t know, there’s this part of me that wants to NEVER do what everyone else is doing or says I should do.  For example, when people predict the date by when I’ll have a baby, that drives me nuts.  Though of course we want kids, it makes me want to wait longer just so they’re wrong. Ha.  But not to steer off topic…

Crazy Love by Francis Chan has to be one of the most exceptional books on Christian living I’ve ever {begun to} read.  I’m not even halfway but wanted to share a little excerpt from a section called “Justified Stress.”

When I am consumed by my problems — stressed out about my life, my family, and my job — I actually convey the belief that I think the circumstances are more important than God’s command to always rejoice.  In other words, that I have a “right” to disobey God because of the magnitude of my responsibilities.

Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice!  Philippians 4:4

My prayer today for myself and you is that we will keep this in mind.  That we can always rejoice in every situation.  We aren’t to be worried, we aren’t to be stressed; rather, we are to realize our very small part in the big picture of life and that God always has things under control – better than we could ever have by ourselves.

There is a serious reason why Crazy Love has sold so many copies and is a NY Times Bestseller.  I can’t wait to read more.

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