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Last night, Mike and I kept trying to go to sleep but “lights out” was continuously prolonged by our conversation.  The next big chapter in our lives is scary and seemingly impossible.  We have our fears, we have our doubts, we have our emotions.  We are already greatly missing our families without having left yet.  We have deep concerns for our age group in our local church.  Everything is just bubbling up to the surface – this sort of transition will do that to you.
Most people, even those who support us, think we’re crazy.  Only a few actually admit it, but trust me… we feel the vibes, and it’s a little hard to endure at times.  It’s almost impossible to explain that we truly, wholly and completely feel called to this way of life, this different sort of obedience.  Everyone has their own calls to answer to and ours just happens to be with this particular organization and in that particular country.
A couple days ago, our house officially went on the market.  We are about 6 months away from moving and, though we think it’s going to sell very quickly based on our neighbors’ homes, we need to give it time.  Fortunately, we are blessed with a comfortable place to move into when the Dove Shack and we need to permanently say goodbye. J
Please keep us in your prayers – we have endless details to take care of in the coming months, besides trying to keep up our busy jobs as well.  We are EXCITED for our next transition, please don’t read the above paragraphs the wrong way.  I just felt like sharing my heart.  Something I probably don’t do often enough.
P.S. Totally random tangent: I finally finished Crime & Punishment earlier this morning and I’m feeling a sense of accomplishment!

2 thoughts on “transition

  1. For what it's worth, we understand completely 🙂


  2. Thanks, Ketchum family (Angie?). 🙂 I'm sure you do!


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