bohemia mining days

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Bohemian What??  I thought Mike was making up yet another festival around these here parts, but nope!  Probably most of you who live in the area don’t think anything of it, but it sounded funny to me.  But, hey, rare is the case when Mike hasn’t ever attended an Oregon-based festival and so we went!

We enjoyed walking around, despite there not really being any rhyme or reason to the booths.  We ate the smallest fudge sample I’ve ever eaten – BIG tease – and we watched a band for about 45 seconds called “You Get What You Pay For.”    …the event was free…  😉

And then we walked across the street to the rides.  Oh boy.  After observing all the rides, walking around and trying to digest a little more of our dinner, we settled on the Vortex.

As we fought our way to the front of one of the cars (yes, beating the 10-year-olds), we climbed in, pulled that bar tight over our legs and got ready to take off!  The first several times around were awesome.
Felt so good in the breeze, and I was surprised because normally spinning things aren’t so bueno to my stomach-o.  Well, about halfway through, it stopped being fun anymore.  Haha.  I stopped talking/yelling/enjoying and Mike noticed how quiet I had gone.  “Do I need to tell the guy to stop?” he asked.  NO.  That would be so embarrassing… 😉

Fortunately, I survived…and luckily I didn’t end up like this girl…


We ended the night at fancy new Top City.  The cold yogurt helped curb the dizziness but only temporarily.  Pretty much fell into bed with my head still tilted to one side. 🙂

Check out the festival for yourself by clicking here.

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