good ole idaho

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Nostalgia usually hits when we go back to the Treasure Valley and this time was no different.  I try to make a drive-through visit of my old college campus (which is always changing and which we didn’t actually have time for this time) and there are just so many landmarks, restaurants, and roads that bring back floods of memories.

Plus, there is sun.  Oh, glorious sunshine!
But this particular trip was quite full – with meetings, obligations and family time.  Not a whole lot of leisure but all of it better because of the heat and sun.  🙂  Can you tell Eugene, Oregon isn’t my favorite place to live weather-wise?!
A couple of our friends we originally met in Peru as fellow missionaries with Extreme were married a few weeks ago in Canada.  We had the privilege of attending their Stateside reception in Nampa, Idaho.  It was SO good to see them again and Leanne and I even were able to get together the next day as well.  Where else but my old Starbucks where I worked in college. 🙂
Bad cell phone shot.  I was making sure our faces were in the screen rather than looking at the camera hole. 🙂
We were also able to meet with some of our supporters and had a great time catching up with them.  We couldn’t be doing what we do without them!

And I figured that a bunch of pictures of our “boring” (yet actually really exciting) accounting meetings would not be very interesting to most of my readers. 😉

Chicha enjoyed all the car riding as she normally does…until about halfway there.  I thought it was the constant sun coming through the window so I finally let her jump up with me as she had been asking to for hours.  Turns out, she had her first experience (as far as her human owners know) with carsickness.  Oh joy.  That sweatshirt you see on my lap?  Not so pretty a few minutes later…
So we took corners a bit better and made an extra stop or two to let her walk it out.  Here are Mike and I enjoying more sun while Chicha re-balances her equilibrium.
And here are a few more shots from our week, both from the camera and our phones:
This was at 8:00 at night.  Awesome!!
Mike sneaking in a 10-minute nap between meetings.
A visiting friend not respecting personal property…haha.  Poor Chicha.
Andrew & Leanne’s cake at the reception.  🙂  My cell phone doesn’t do it justice.
Coffee with a dear sweet friend!  It was wonderful catching up and we’ve already planned a dinner for 3 months from now. 🙂
And last but not least…we celebrated a double birthday week (my mom and my cousin) plus a thankfulness that my grandma’s hip replacement surgery went well.  She sounds like a new woman and hopefully will be able to leave the rehab center soon back to the comfort of her home.  It was fun seeing some relatives we don’t see very often.
And very little time later, we were already back in the Oregon trees.  We’re back home for a few days anyway…  Great trip!

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