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This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

If you missed my main announcement of what is bringing us to Ecuador, click here.

The month of May was a long time ago!  I’ve been waiting this long to share these pictures with you.  Part of my job with Extreme is to be sent to future possible locations for price scouting.  I record prices for everything I can find – ranging from high-end to lower-end apartments to mangos and bananas to vehicles and much more.  Entonces, rightfully so, we don’t publicize these trips in case those future locations don’t work out or for other reasons…

Anyway, it was a very strange trip, mentally.  Mike and I had just mere days earlier made the commitment to move, and I was headed to our FUTURE HOME.  I’ve done this type of trip below but I was putting double sets of eyes on everything – there was a personal interest in wanting to know everything I possibly could.  It was a bit exhausting. 🙂

I was enormously blessed by the Howard Family who drove me around all over Quito, wherever I requested to go.  They were so cheerfully chofering {um, is that a word?} me around and I loved getting to know them.  We’re looking forward to living near them and being able to hang out more!

I was also so thankful for the Fischer Family who drove me all the way to Ambato & Riobamba for a few days of price scouting there.  They had me in their home a couple times, too, and I’m also excited about spending more time with such a Godly couple that obviously loves the Lord and each other.

Note: They have two children but none of these three are them. 🙂  Just more fun friends I made.

My main time in Ambato was spent with Mario, the District Superintendent (notice I didn’t just say D.S., heh) and a precious family of five.  The 7 of us spent 12 solid hours in a pickup truck and, boy, that will get your Spanish up to snuff quickly,…

Viviana and their baby girl were back at the truck and I never got a picture with them!  Next time…

On our way back to Riobamba where we were sleeping, they convinced me to cross this huge ravine/valley/scaryhugecanyon.  I was going to hold strong with my “no” until they told me they were going to bring their kids.  Well, okay, I guess that makes it safer… good logic, right?

If you look closely enough, you can see faint wires where the terrifying contraption (the “canopy”) crosses.  Click on the picture if you really want to zoom in.

View from halfway across.

But I did it, and here’s a video to prove it!

I will be putting a lot more pictures on facebook sometime soon, so I’ll share a link to those whenever I write next.  But I can’t resist sharing one more on here…this little doggie t-shirt was impossible to pass up!
Isn’t she stinking adorable?  And very compliant.  🙂
On a deeper note, this quick trip last May was so busy but it made it real.  So real.  The second night I was crying {well, more like whimpering} to Mike over Skype with the overwhelmingness of it all.  The huge city aspect, the foreign aspect, the language, etc etc.  It’s all stuff we are totally going to conquer with the power of God but whew… Please pray ahead of time for our transition to be as smooth as possible.  We leave in January and we can’t wait.
Quito, Ecuador, here we come!!

1 thought on “destination ecuador

  1. Very nice pictures! Good thing about clarifying that the people around the table were not our kids. Time is getting closer and I am sure you have a ton of things on your list to get done. You have done this move once it should be no problem for you. Aren't all latin countries the the same Ha! We are here for you.


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