doggies & missions

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Mike and I spent the last few days in Portland for a missions conference.  It is always fun seeing old friends, making new ones and connecting with other missionaries, but this post is mostly about dogs…

The morning of the day we left for Portland, we officially had to give my baby Chicha girl to some friends for adoption.  Although we were planning something totally different originally, we felt clearly that Ecuador was not going to be her future home after all.  My mind knew the right answer but my heart was hurting.  Having to work at home now, we were with each other constantly and it was no fun walking down the stairs and not having her greet me.  Mike and I are entering a couple months filled with travel and it was the right timing.

But she’s in a fantastic home now with people who wanted her – We don’t think they were just being charitable. 🙂  She has stayed there before and loves them back (as much as she shows it heh).  It’s a good thing.

The very next day, I get an early morning call from my mom.  It was probably around 6:45 and I knew something wasn’t right.  I braced myself.

Our big family dog, particularly my mom’s special doggie and not to mention my sister’s, had gone significantly downhill overnight.  All her organs were shutting down and she had to have her final visit to the vet that afternoon, when they could finally get her in.

I still hardly can believe the house lost two sweet dogs in less than two days.  But Chicha is happy with her friend Des and Ellie is no longer in pain.  It’s going to be okay.

We drove back home from Portland last night with a missionary couple from Malawi, Africa.  We never really tire of getting to know other missionaries.  It’s rejuvenating, really.  They are from Kenya so their accent is thick and beautiful.  They haven’t spent a lot of time in the States and Wellington asked Mike a lot of questions which Mike enjoyed answering – they were right up his alley, like directions and geography and landmarks.  Hellen and I were talking about cultural differences and I asked her if there were any words or phrases Americans use that are offensive to them and their culture.  The word “stupid” (just like most of South America) is derogatory and the phrase “you’re so silly” is highly insulting.  I love learning things like this, studying different cultures and understanding our differences in speech, greetings, etc.

Well, Mike and I drove back to Portland this afternoon.  I’m sitting in our hotel room catching up on some work emails {and, of course, writing this blog}.  The morning brings the official beginning of our road trip.  We’re looking forward to seeing many old friends and family members scattered across the Midwest!

I am going to try my best to update on here occasionally, so stay tuned and thanks for reading this slightly random post.

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