This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

As promised, here is the next update.  Arkansas gets a post all to itself because of all my special memories there and the number of people & places we saw!

It was a fantastic weekend, filled with meeting old friends’ husbands, visiting old stomping grounds and also being blessed with more people joining our support team.

I’m sitting zombie-like in Mike’s grandparents’ living room right now, half-asleep (after another 10 hour drive), but I’m determined to get this up. 🙂  Here are some visuals on our time in Northwest Arkansas, mostly Rogers.

The Townhouse.  So much history for my family in this beautiful old building.

A downtown shot.

Mike hanging in Frisco Park while I wander, my mind bursting with memories.



The sweet Penick family.

Mike enjoyed checking out this stadium.

Granny & Grandpa (top left).

Pea Ridge Military Park.

Susie Q Malt Shop – full of memories and love that it’s still thriving.

Wonderful friend from Junior High, Kari.  We reunited a couple years ago via facebook and have stayed in touch since.  A few weeks ago I was getting ready to call her to let her know I was coming through town and received a baby shower invitation for the VERY SAME WEEKEND.  Now that was a fun phone call to make!  I was able to attend and then later that evening, the four of us got together for dinner. It was great to meet the husbands and spend more time together.  I am so blessed to have such a sweet friend as Kari!

Good friends from Rogers First!

And last but not least, WONDERFUL friends from way back when.  Most especially, they were good friends with my grandparents and the evening spent with this couple was so special to me.  It was like a little taste of having Granny & Grandpa back and I’m glad that Mike was able to get to know these good friends.

I put a lot more pictures on facebook, so click here if you’d like to peruse.

So far, we have spent a few days in Portland, then flew to Denver, drove to Oklahoma City, drove to Arkansas, drove to Missouri and then yesterday we drove to Wisconsin.  It may sound a bit exhausting, but it hasn’t been.  Rather, it’s been terrific to see old friends and relatives and we’ve been blessed to meet with a lot of couples who are willing to join our support team.

Tomorrow is filled with cousins, aunts & uncles visits, so should be fun!

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