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People keep asking me about our trip to Alaska so {finally!} here is an update…

We say it a lot but we can’t say it enough – we have been so blessed by this process.  Sure, it takes a lot of energy and effort to continue on in the fund raising process, to travel many places and to have a lot of meetings.  But we keep being blessed beyond measure by the relationships that come out of these gatherings and the sharing of our hearts and theirs.

And do you know how nice Alaskans are?  Seriously, folks…besides maybe one girl at a coffee shop that was a little down in the mouth (said in Dick Van Dyke’s voice), we had such friendly reception and genuine, pure and simple niceness up there.  🙂

We didn’t take a lot of pictures of the serious moments – all our meetings with people and the hours we spent between them keeping up on emails – but we DID take some fun pictures.  Bear with me… the majority of the photos were from our little excursion up in a tiny 4-seater airplane that flew over some glaciers (a new friend we met while up there offered to fly us and we could not pass up the experience!).  Mike took a ton of pictures and I narrowed it down to these.

20-foot Chocolate “Waterfall” that’s believed to be the largest in the world
 “Before” the plane ride








 “After the plane ride” … the person in the middle here was airsick for about 48 hours after. Ha!

 Mike’s always wanted to ski here. It wasn’t open yet, but we got to see it…
 …and eat lunch at it!  RIDICULOUSLY good soup at The Bake Shop!
 A frozen lake we skipped rocks on – sounds like a chirping bird.  We might one day upload the video on our sad little youtube page we never update…



 Ask me about the Moose and her baby donkey sometime. 🙂  These were in our friends’ neighborhood.

 The only other time I’ve seen a moose in the wild was with my grandpa in Idaho many years ago, so this was fun.

Besides being physically sick for the first few days and recovering the rest, I had a wonderful time and I know Mike did, too.  It was just phenomenal to hear stories of how God is using some of these people in serving Him.  It was encouraging to meet with men and women who believe in the Biblical command to die to ourselves and serve wholeheartedly.  Their mindsets were so in alignment with Extreme’s mission that our conversations were priceless.

Thanks, Alaska friends, for everything and hope to see you soon!  And a special thanks to Dennis & Denise for hosting us, feeding us, and driving us. 🙂

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