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This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

That title just thrills you and prompts you to read more, right?  🙂

Though some of the lingo was over my head, we had some great, accomplishing meetings this week in Boise concerning some of our financial systems.  The company that collects and processes all Extreme’s donations (magnificently, I might add) is making some changes in their systems and brought several of us Extremies in for our input, discussion and certain decisions.  Most of our missionaries wouldn’t even know we made most of these changes – and still won’t if they don’t read this paragraph, ha.  But it makes things flow that much smoother.

It may sound terribly boring to you, but to actually have meetings in PERSON rocked our worlds.  We are blessed with Skype, oh yes, but there’s nothing like the face-to-face discussions.  It was refreshing and very necessary for this particular gathering.

Anyway, to avoid putting you to sleep with any more particulars of our financial flows, here is a photographic update of the non-meeting hours we had while in the area.

Part of the Tibbs Fam – Doug & Marla, and Whitney Smith.  Some of the top masterminds of Crowne One!

Extreme’s Finance Officer & Short-Term Volunteer Coordinator, Bud & Judy.  Two huge assets to our team.

We visited an important cemetery to my family and specifically saw the headstones of my uncle who died 2 years ago this week, my dad’s oldest sister who died the day she was born, and my papa.

Here are a few shots I snapped with my cell phone. Last goodbyes with Grandma & Uncle Karl and a stalker picture of our old house, affectionately known as the D.P.


And last but not least ~ one of my favorite families, the Hills. 🙂  Nobody knows how we got Olyve to look at the camera, but she did on the first try!

Leslee is one awesome lady, mom and Christian.  Wish we lived closer, but maybe they’ll visit us in Ecuador.  *wink wink*

So, for the principal purpose of the trip, it was successful.  For the extra stuff we got to do while in the area, more fun memories have been had.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our constant travels over the last couple months – several of you have told me you have been.  We thought Idaho was our last trip until we accepted a small offer of house-sitting for some friends this week, haha.  It never ends!  🙂  But, really, we are finally staying put in Eugene for a couple months until we ship out for Quito.  We’re looking forward to attending church here, being involved in a few more activities and events and  having more family time before saying goodbye again.

Coming up this week is a big {{ 18th! }} birthday dinner for someone special and then Thanksgiving with lots of people!  Happy early Thanksgiving, everyone.  We’ll be back soon.

P.S. I more often post on instagram than blogger or facebook, so if that’s how your boat floats, feel free to follow @sedrink.

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