a little ministry update

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

We have had an awesome last week and a half.  Zero traveling.  We house/dog-sat for five days over Thanksgiving weekend, so once we returned to our basement home from that, we crashed.  Not in a bad way – in fact, it was an incredibly productive work week for both of us – but almost every night, we’ve done NOTHING.  We sat around…watched some TV…read our nooks…got decent nights’ sleeps.  It’s been glorious. 🙂  Things are picking up again, but it was a great little breather.

The move date is mere weeks away now and we’re getting excited.  The last few months have looked like this:
* House sale completed!
95% of all our belongings sold
Began visa process for Ecuador (that’s a fun story)
Traveled to 14 different states
* Saw so many old and new friends
Stepped down from most of our positions/involvement in the local church
Met most of our fundraising goals (not quite there yet)
Ordered new credit cards that don’t have foreign transaction fees (I’m excited about this one)
Enjoyed one more college football season before having to get creative to watch it in the future 🙂
Enjoyed Thanksgiving with family and friends
* Got to Christmas Tree hunt!
Here are some things still pending that we’d appreciate prayer for:

We successfully obtain our Ecuadorian visas on time and with as much ease as possible
Our car sells easily next month
* We maintain our good health in the midst of all the sickies around us
We reach our fund raising goals

Yesterday, I put up a new album of pictures from the last couple months.  It can be viewed by anyone by clicking here, with or without a facebook account (I think…)!  🙂  ….AND I put up a whole extra album of our Christmas Tree hunt because we took a bunch of pictures.  It can be seen here.

Thanks in advance for praying for these specific requests.  We don’t ever say that lightly, because prayer makes all the difference in ministry success.  We love and appreciate all of you!

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