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This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

We totally “pictured” ourselves out on all our traveling last year! Our picture files are virtually empty for the last couple months, but I was tired of the photo-less posts piling up lately, so here are some random shots…

It’s hard to believe it but only one single picture was taken with a human in it on Christmas Day and she’d kill me if I put it up. 😉 So here is a blurry shot of our tree after we’d opened a few presents.

Christmas was good. We were able to see all our families, take a day off of work, and just enjoy the season.  We are fortunate both sides of our family, at least immediate, live in the area. Makes holidays that much easier. 🙂
A couple weeks before Christmas I was able to attend a baby shower for my friend, Stephanie (pretty lady on the left) and, why yes, I did win the word game.  Haha.
We realized recently that we are moving to Ecuador four years after to the very week we moved to Peru. I could write a thick autobiography on those four years… or I could just talk about suitcases. Heh. Four years ago, all our suitcases were overweight; this year, none of them are. Four years ago, we had a very vague idea of what to expect and packed all sorts of things we do use but could have gotten down there; now, we know what we’re getting into, we know what we can buy down there, we know what we missed last time, etc.
We’ve digitized all our movies so that takes off several pounds.  Goodbye DVDs.
We realize we only ever wear one sweatshirt at home so why pack three?
We each own a Nook now…self-explanatory.
And so on…
I’m not really saying it’s super EASY to pack your life away into two suitcases each, but we’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’ve even been able to include several sentimental items that will make our home more homey. 😉
Here’s everything we’re taking…
Departure is two weeks from today!

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