and now we live in Quito!

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Now that I’m a bit more lucid, I’d like to share about our last couple days!
For those of you who haven’t seen our updates on facebook, the first flight of our itinerary was canceled which affected the rest of the flights. So, long story short – United comped a hotel for us in Denver and we arrived in Quito 24 hours later than planned. We were even amazingly blessed to be bumped to first class on the last leg (about 5 hours), which subsequently had us off the plane among the first passengers, which allowed us to just sail right through customs & immigration!
The customs lady was friendly! That does not typically happen…unless perhaps it does in Ecuador? Only my second time entering…but it was a lovely welcome to our new home.
Our friends, Dana & Sherry, planned their pick-up perfectly and walked in as we were passing through the last set of double doors – did I mention all our baggage arrived and nothing was flagged? That just thrilled and relieved me/us. I packed some interesting things but apparently had them spread out enough. Heh. Not to mention, I truly think I get some sympathy still because I look so much younger than I am and customs agents often look at me like I’m a lost little puppy…
Walking outside (about 11:15pm maybe?), we were immediately approached by a handful of people on either side trying to either sell little candies/trinkets to us or push our carts. We sometimes go for that whole cart pushing thing, but we didn’t have good tip money on us.
We are officially back in “No, Gracias” Land. J I even had to push a guy’s arm off my cart as he was trying so very hard to push it. Now I realize there are people who think we should give locals every opportunity to make some bucks, but sometimes you just have to push your own cart.
The drive to the seminary campus was something like 20-25 minutes? I really cannot remember but we had such adrenaline in us from the arrival, lifting heavy bags so many times and just the mental “wow, we’re really here” effects that it took us a couple hours to go to bed. We chatted for a while with the Howards and asked a bunch of questions. Later, Mike worked on setting up our phones with the lines down here while I attempted to pull out the necessary items we needed immediately for the night.
We had a decent next morning. Mike, unfortunately, had a slew of meetings via Skype and I exploded our suitcases into a mountain on our bed to attempt to begin organizing chaos.
Early afternoon Sherry took us shopping so we could get stocked up for a few days – just groceries and a few basic toiletry items we knew we could get down here and, therefore, did not pack.
Of course it took us longer than planned because many of the brands were new to us and we had to read some of the fine print on certain things to make sure we were getting hairspray and not mousse, that sort of thing.
Moments ago, I just asked Mike what we did “the other day after the grocery trip” and he said, “you mean yesterday?” Oh yeah…boy, it seems farther away than that! We basically crashed after getting back to our apartment. Mike hadn’t slept much the last couple nights at all and we were both a bit swimmy from the elevation.
The next day (this morning!) we got up quite early and the Howards picked us up to go register our visas. I will be writing a specific blog on this event purely for the education of all the other Extremies following us to Quito in the next several months. This was only the first day of at least two, maybe three if they’re slow, and it took the whole morning. Waiting in lines is where it’s AT here.  Wink.
After we got back, we had our first house guests! I even cooked up a little lunch, which now typing it out seems so crazy after moving and being so unorganized still. But it was super fun. Cailyn & Trevor, our two Mobilizers for South America are like family. We ended up spending the rest of the afternoon together – part of it I would easily consider “meetings” as we brainstormed and talked about different ideas for the ministry, etc.
Also, they let us know about a room they had been allowed to use here on the seminary campus. They had heard a concern of mine and a huge prayer was answered today! The room has a large desk in it, the office has wifi, and I can totally set up shop there for a little while. I have been desperate for a workspace and am so so so thankful that I’ve been blessed with one.
Tonight, we had a hodgepodge dinner, studied more maps of Quito and, oh, wrote a blog post… We’re headed out tomorrow to explore some more of the city and, perhaps, check out a few apartments in the area we’re interested in. We’ll keep everyone posted as often as we can. For now, here are a few more pics, we haven’t taken very many yet:
A hard goodbye.
Our bags were 48, 48.5, 48 and 48.5. We rock!
And though it was likely on its last legs, Dad had the unfortunate moment of breaking off one of our suitcase handles. 🙂
Mike’s t-shirt he bought from his favorite sister-in-law…Keep Calm & Carry On.
About to start second day’s journey…
DOES ANYONE KNOW THIS LADY?? Yes, this is quite stalker-ish of me, but she was greeting half the passengers that came on board after herself. Is she famous or something??
Surviving the last leg…excited for Quito!

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