city bus tour

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Lots to see in Quito! We only saw a small portion of the options because it would have taken us something like 12 hours to do the entire tour (you choose which stops you want to get off and visit), but it was a super fun day with friends in town and a friend visiting!

Redhead + ghosty skin + 9,000 ft. = 100 SPF and Duck hat. 🙂

The next bunch of pictures are at the famous Iglesia de La Basílica. It’s popular to climb all the way up, even onto the scary dangerous ledges – some of which are more blocked off than they used to be, so I’m told.


After several flights of stairs, we approach this setup:
It is the only way to get to the next point where you can climb higher. It basically gets freakier from here on!
Next we had to climb a tall ladder that never would have passed U.S. building codes. The thing is I didn’t know we had to go back down it till we did. Haha. Oh boy.
Just when you think you’ve made it to the top, there’s more. Mike climbed it, I didn’t. 🙂
He said those mesh things disappeared part way up so the steps were wide open.This picture doesn’t show how much NOTHING there was underneath those stairs.
But this was a fun place to visit. Admittedly, mostly because I love climbing stairs. No joke!
We continued on a few other places, some of which I had seen last May when here, but it was fun to see again.


El Panecillo:




We finally got front seats!

Now we know all the “touristy” places we can take you when you visit. 😉

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