no-bake cookie bars

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. My family eats much healthier than this nowadays, but I include this post for memories and history. I hope you enjoy the content!

Spurred by the ever-broken oven in this house, I find myself discovering more and more crockpot, stovetop, and no-bake recipes out there! I’ve tried several this year but thought I’d share this one for fun.

DSC00544 pm

All I can say about these is that they were incredibly easy to produce and were well-loved. Even Mike brought them up again later and he’s not a huge “sweets” fan {except me, of course!}. 

……………….I drafted the above a few days ago, had an interruption and forgot to come back. #storyofmylife. So here I am with a potentially exciting update. Since Monday morning, I’ve been a little sick to my stomach the way I get with any conflict. Mike finally laid it out to our landlords (lovingly, of course) and basically said, hey the contract said you’d provide an oven and we haven’t had one all year. Here are some option ideas, how can we have an oven this week? Fortunately, it produced action and they accepted one of our options. We were allowed to go out, do the leg work, and buy a new oven insert!! We purchased it last night, it will be delivered on Saturday and {crossing my fingers} the hook-ups will happen early next week. There has to be some adjustments due to it being gas and the previous one being electric, so please pray that is an easy switch. Nothing really ever is down here on this continent…. 😉

Anyway, I’m letting my hope actually go up this week and am praying that I’ll be baking away in a week!

You can find the cookie bar recipe here.

DSC00561Ecuador Note: for the “white chocolate bars,” I could only find ones with “crocante” in Quito. Worked just fine but I bet it’d be better as the recipe calls for. 😉


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