breckenridge biscuits

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. My family eats much healthier than this nowadays, but I include this post for memories and history. I hope you enjoy the content!

I’m obsessed with my new cookbook I bought a couple months ago, specifically about high-altitude baking. I mean, I read it like a novel.

The author-cook {Susan G. Purdy} talks all about her trials with cooking at various elevations and I’m just over here nodding through it all. It’s been a joke these last few years to bake things properly, no matter what I try!

Well, I’m done trying to adjust my own sea level recipes. I’m all about following hers to the T, because they’ve been 100% successful so far.

High-Altitude "Breckenridge" Biscuits || Drinkwater Kitchen

These biscuits are now a permanently saved & hand-copied-onto-a-notecard recipe that I will always use here in Quito. They are just as fluffy-wonderful as they would be in Eugene, Oregon.

The author is incredibly thorough and detailed in each recipe, giving notes on elevations of 0; 3000; 5000; 7500 and 10,000 feet. My printable version will only show the 10,000 ingredients & instructions. If you live anywhere above sea level, seriously buy this book. And, no, the author has not asked for an endorsement nor even knows I exist. I told you I was obsessed. 😉

High-Altitude "Breckenridge" Biscuits || Drinkwater Kitchen


Print the recipe here.

1 thought on “breckenridge biscuits

  1. I am the same way with cookbooks. I just got one for my special diet and love it (fodmap diet). I can’t have wheat, so I won’t be baking it, but isn’t it great to get one that works for you. We have a special gluten-free bakery here for those that are interested: The stores here are getting some good flours available without wheat, so that solves part of the problem. Have lots of other stuff I can’t eat. Just recently found a pizza that Bill finally likes. It’s difficult. Enjoy your blog. Makes me feel in touch. Jerri B


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