Do You Memorize?

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Do You Memorize- Bible verses  ||

Besides young kids & teens who are in Bible quizzing programs in various denominations, I don’t seem to hear a lot about people memorizing Bible verses. Is that because as we mature in Christ, we tend to become more humble and maintain our studies quietly? Or is it because as adults we don’t make the time? Is it because we’ve convinced ourselves that our brains are too old to do the act of intense memorizing?

To address that last question: I have seen firsthand, with a large sample of people, the range of ability to memorize (in this case, learning a non-primary language) and its direct correlation to age. There is just no getting around it. However, even the “old folks” can persevere and maintain a large vocabulary and basic grammar rules in the foreign language with focused determination to daily study.

As adults, we are “free.” We don’t have mom and dad telling us to brush our teeth, to go to bed on time or to do our homework. We have many, many more temptations and options in life to distract us – I’m thinking Netflix at the moment, but of course there are others. My husband and I like to find a show we both like and that gives us a fun connection to each other, something to talk about and something to look forward to doing together. However, we’re careful about what we watch and how much. More on that sort of thing in another post…

Perhaps you can see where my thoughts are going. I’m really just thinking “aloud” with my head cocked to the side, truly trying to figure out why we, as Christians, don’t spend more time on the best thing in our whole lives. God’s Word. For those of you who daily dive in to the Bible, do you just crave more? I sure do. But do I do something about it? Well, I’m trying. I hope to be able to report on that again one day.

In the meantime, considering my experience in studying languages (albeit not extremely extensive like some acquaintances), I get scared that I won’t be able to retain and learn my Bible verses. I’m in this race with myself that I’ve got to win. My brain is just getting older and it will be that much harder to memorize. Occasionally, I will remind myself of my grandmother – she is mostly blind now and very hard of hearing, yet she studied the Word all her life. She can quote verses and they are her mainstay! What a comfort to know her discipline in earlier years can still give her encouragement from the great Encourager!

So this is all just a musing on my part. I want to improve in this area of my life and I’m letting the world know. Until next time!

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