Wunderlist Is My Brain (A Review)

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

Okay, so maybe I can form thoughts and not input them into my Wunderlist, but seriously

I live on this app.

There are several hundred items within my whole account, all organized within folders, lists and sub-lists. I often have it open in two places at once and use it to organize things like:

  • my blog writing (this is the biggest section)
  • grocery shopping
  • other shopping
  • travel planning
  • goals
  • various task-y items that can’t be plopped into any other list
  • questions for doctors (that aren’t urgent and can wait till the next appointments)
  • much more!


If you personally know me, you’ll naturally understand the truth in the next sentence. I did not convert to this app flippantly or quickly. I researched. I read reviews. I demoed. I downloaded many other apps and programs. I even used others for quite a long time and paid for them. I absolutely need an app like this to keep my brain and life straight if I’m going to be a successful person (at home, professionally, spiritually – you name it).


So, long saga short, I made the plunge. I spent hours setting up my Wunderlist account and transferring items from the program I previously used (which, by the way, was a very close second but it cost a little each year to use more than extreme basics which wasn’t enough). Admittedly, I have not purchased the “Pro” version of Wunderlist yet due to it still working for me at the free level, but I would not be surprised – particularly as my blog continues to grow – if I go for it and give myself more power, so to speak.


Currently, the prices for Wunderlist Pro are $4.99/month or $49.99/year. It gives you pretty much unlimited everything plus some great new backgrounds. Here’s a neat link to where you can read more about Pro.

But back to the free version, which is really what I’m reviewing today…here are a few more positives & negatives from my point of view:


  • You don’t just have a list of lists – you can combine any into a folder for like-subjects and you can have sub-lists under each one as well.
  • Syncing is AWESOME. Like I said, sometimes I have it open in multiple places and any time I make a change, they all go ding almost immediately (if your sound is on).
  • You can share lists! This is a great feature for my husband and me after all the years of miscommunication on grocery lists or tasks or whatever. If he’s going to head to the store on his way home from work, I can add a last-minute something even as he’s walking through the store door and it’ll sync smoothly.
  • Rearranging is slick. It couldn’t be easier to rearrange your lists, with the dragging feature. I’ve mostly got my system in place, but I occasionally will rearrange when I realize I’m using one a lot more often than before – move it higher up to avoid scroll time!
  • You can use emojis. I loved this when I realized because with my many lists, I can make the important ones stand out just by putting an emoji at the beginning of its name. I do this on my phone and it still shows up on my computer.
  • You can assign tasks. I used to use this feature a lot more when I was working in an office environment. I hope to use it again one day when my blog explodes, I become famous and need some assistants. 😉
  • You can set reminders and due dates. This is handy for obvious reasons.
  • You can use hashtags. I don’t use this much and, pondering over why, I think it’s because I’m freakishly organized and typically know where to find something. With the Search feature, I’ve never needed to use hashtags, but I know it’s a great tool for certain people.


  • I don’t have a lot of negatives but all three have to do with the sub-tasks. First, I’d love for them to disappear when you check them off just like the upper level of list items. With the main level of items, you can click “Show Completed Items” (they don’t just disappear in case you accidentally checked them off), but this feature isn’t part of the sub-tasks. A bit annoying when my sub-task list is quite long. I typically just delete it entirely and sacrifice the option to view it again if needed just to keep it clean.
  • I could use a tiny bit more character room in each sub-task. I realize in the Pro version you aren’t limited to the number of sub-tasks but I’ve never seen a word about this. I occasionally want to write a few sentences in my sub-task but end up using 2 or 3 spots – like when I’m reminding myself of a blog post idea or something.
  • This is my biggest negative and it’s not even that big a deal – It’d be a big time-saver if I could add sub-tasks from up top like in the upper level. I have one or two list items with sub-tasks so in multitude that I have to scroll on my phone several times to get to the bottom just to add another one. Like I said, not a huge deal, but I’m always looking for the best efficiency.


I’m sure there are those of you out there who still prefer paper. Truthfully, I do, too! There’s nothing better than pen & paper (no pencil for this leftie!) and planning things out that way. I actually still use notebooks all the time, cut up recycled paper for scrap paper to keep in the kitchen drawer and write to-do lists (especially when I absolutely must keep it in front of me with priority) on paper. But I don’t want mountainous piles of notes and lists for things I listed above just lying about when they aren’t items I need to look at every day.

I don’t say this lightly – this is the best task management app out there in this price range. And I say that last part because I haven’t even considered trying all the ones out there that cost more. Why bother when you have Wunderlist?

Did I miss anything significant? Do you use Wunderlist, too?

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