What Should Our Real Focus in Parenting Be?

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

What should our real focus in parenting be? || sydneyelizabeth.blog


Tomorrow is Parents’ Day in the United States. I imagine I’ll see a lot of encouraging Bible verses for parents, various articles on parenting styles, blogs demanding sensitivity to those who can’t have kids and more.

But this video was what was on my heart this week. Earlier this year I read the Chans’ book You and Me Forever. I’ve yet to post a review on it, but I do certainly want to in the near future (so stay tuned). It’s mostly a marriage book in light of eternity and God’s call to make disciples but they did focus specifically on parenting in one section.

In that chapter, they talked about so many aspects (the important ones, in my opinion) of Christian parenting. I recently found this video that has snippets from a presentation they did at a church in California, in which they address a few points that they expound further on in the book.

If you know Jesus and want your kids to know Him, too…

If you strive to be good parents but feel like you hit walls sometimes…

If you think you should focus on fixing your family’s issues before participating in ministry…

…I strongly encourage you to carve out 10 minutes this weekend to watch this. Francis Chan says things so plainly and passionately, you can’t help but be encouraged! And challenged!


Happy Parents’ Day to you all!

What should our real focus in parenting be? || sydneyelizabeth.blog

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