Book Review: Love Does {by Bob Goff}

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My review on what's becoming a classic in Christian books! ||

Book Review: Love Does

I’m often wary of “new and immediately popular” books – whether it’s Hunger Games or Love Does (both of which I have now read). Just judging the book by its title, Love Does initially seemed to me like it could possibly be a participant in the ever-increasing distortion of God’s Word, popularly known as the Emergent movement.

Yet that wasn’t it at all. It’s a simply written book with vivid images of one man’s life (Bob Goff, the author) and how he lives fully. He makes clear that love is something we need to stop just studying and appreciating but we need to do it.

Since posting this review, I have heard/seen many other reviews as the book increasingly gained popularity. The only negative reactions seemed to be from persons who couldn’t see past the surface. Sure, almost all his stories involve quite a bit of money… and, sure, most of us could and would never be able to afford what he affords. But I encourage you, when you read this book, to look past that. See what he’s really trying to portray in his stand-alone chapter stories. Not only are many of them hilarious but they are deeply honest and probably quite humbling for him to share with the world.

I’ll end with a summary written by my friend Cailyn, who graciously allowed me to quote her:

Bob Goff sharing his personal cell phone number at the end of his book, Love Does, is genius.

Because during the course of the book, you begin to feel like Bob might be your coolest friend. At least you want him to be your friend, and you feel like he might actually want to be your friend, too.

Goff’s book is in no way a self-help book, like some may expect, although he begins each chapter with a belief about life that he previously held, and what he believes now. He illustrates these statements with a story in the chapter, a story that makes you believe that it is possible to live a “secretly incredible life in an ordinary world.”

Each chapter reads like a stand-alone essay, but weaves a beautiful picture of a life where love is not stationary; love does.

Love Does is phenomenal, not just because of the vocabulary or the writing style; Bob Goff speaks of God’s love that compels all the rest…a faith that does.

P.S. Last week I wanted to see if the rumor was true – that Bob Goff never lets a call go to voicemail if he can help it. So I called…and he answered! We talked about a few different things and he made me feel like I was his best friend. Cailyn later tweeted at him and he wrote us both back a couple times. It was fantastic. 🙂

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