Encouragement for Starting That Bible Study

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Guys, I’m a shy person.

I am terrible at spitting out my words, I get nauseated around conflict, I love my quiet alone times and for the life of me I can’t figure out why God gives me urges to start Bible studies or ministries.

🙂 (I’m smiling.)

But it’s been a beautiful last few years when I obey Him!

A little of my story and an encouragement for starting a Bible study -- sydneyelizabeth.blog

Encouragement to Start That Bible Study

Back about 4.5 years ago, I had this itch to get together with some girls in my local church. Some had been in the church all their lives while some were very new. I took a step of faith and called them up individually – I didn’t want to do this over email or text message. Many were interested and I was so encouraged!

{Sidenote: There is a whole other topic out there concerning starting studies for people already in the church versus those not yet part of a church body. We’ll touch on that one day! For now, let’s focus on just getting started.}

Several conversations later, we discovered a time of the week that would work. I still can’t believe how many of us got up on Thursday mornings to meet at Starbucks at 6:30am, but we did! We eventually changed locations as the group grew just a little too much for the bustling, loud coffee shop setting but kept the same time. These ladies sacrificed their sleep, worked with husbands or relatives for child care and made the group a priority.

I can’t recall now which book we initially began with, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is to get started. I found it useful to find a pretty structured Bible study book (I’ll be recommending some on this blog over time), because it gave us guidance and an outlet to begin the habit. Eventually we would work through specific books of the Bible or we even spent several weeks going through Living Your Strengths.

The point is – if you feel even an inkling of an idea, feel that persistent nudging from God and have prayed about it, I want to encourage you to take that bold step. I remember being so nervous to make those phone calls – and these were my friends!

I have no degree in religion, Biblical studies, leadership or anything related to what I imagined a Bible Study leader should have. But I had my ears – my obedience to God – and that was apparently all that mattered.

This is mostly a personal story, but I wanted to write it to encourage you. I’m serious about how shy I am. My face turns red even when talking to my closest friends sometimes! But wow. Over the years, I’ve accepted various leadership positions, moved to another continent to do accounting for a church planting organization, started some local programs & ministries, etc. YOU CAN, TOO!

I’m guessing you may have clicked on this link because you feel a tiny prompt or pull to start a group study. I’ll be praying for you! I promise if you obey God in this, He’ll guide you to the right people and the right resources.

Above all, keep praying.

Lastly, it would make my day (probably my month!) if you could share your own personal stories with me – have you struggled with a nudge to begin a group or ministry? Have you had success? Each story should be celebrated! Please comment below or message me and let’s talk.


3 thoughts on “Encouragement for Starting That Bible Study

  1. You’re story sounds awfully familiar, Betsy. 🙂 I’m enjoying your blog. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 Thank you! I’ve enjoyed finding your writing as well. Should I follow your WP or your sobecreation to better see your updates?


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