Why Don’t You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Home? {A God Story}

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I’m really asking. Why don’t you?!

Not long ago, I would have fumbled with my answer to that question. We didn’t have one.

All that has changed and I’ll tell you the story why…the God Story!

An amazing miracle story -- I love God Stories! | sydneyelizabeth.blog

Why Don’t You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Home?

One evening after putting our baby to bed (on his first birthday to be exact), we sat down on the couch together to watch some Netflix. After settling in, I abruptly and surprisingly felt sudden nausea and raced to the bathroom. I came back after a few minutes, we made ourselves comfortable again and I thought I was better…it happened again. This time, though, I ran into the wall trying to get into the bathroom!

The third time, my husband had to help me walk all the way there. I was losing the function of my legs and I couldn’t stop vomiting. It was around this time that I also began to lose my ability to form coherent sentences. My head was killing me, I was dizzy, I couldn’t walk and I was burning up.

Of course, my husband was very concerned so he decided to call for help. Sitting on the edge of the bed next to where he had laid me, he picked up his phone. It took him multiple minutes to figure out how to use it. That’s when panic started hitting. He was losing the function of his hands and his brain was getting muddled like mine.

Both of us did not remember large chunks of this evening…

It was nothing else than a miracle from God that he was able to dial the only one of our co-workers in town who had a car. We lived in a very large city in South America where most people use public transportation. This man and his wife made it quickly because the way my husband spoke to them apparently was quite alarming.

Once they arrived, it became clear they couldn’t manage us on their own and they called another couple who ran all the way to our house. With the help of all four of them, we were helped (I was completely carried) down to the waiting car. Someone stayed back with our sleeping baby and another person joined her.

Around the time we were admitted to the emergency room, both my husband’s and my ears became very plugged up. So, on top of all the other symptoms, we could hardly hear the Spanish of the nurses & doctors. Can you say scary?

They gave us fluids via IVs and gave me some extra medicine for the migraine and nausea. After a few hours, we were lucid again, deemed to have had a virus and sent on our not-really-merry way.

Fortunately, our son seemed completely fine. We had no reason to suspect anything else.

A few nights later, though, the suspicion that something worse was wrong fell upon us. It started with me first again, my husband called friends right away, his symptoms grew and we headed to the E.R. with help. My symptoms were almost as bad as the first time except the nausea wasn’t as bad. We had caught it earlier.

While our baby slept soundly once again, doctors and nurses were bustling around his mama and daddy a few miles away (another praise – how close we live to the hospital).

Pretty quickly, after hearing we were in earlier in the week and assessing our symptoms, the doctor (a different one) declared it carbon monoxide poisoning.

We were given oxygen and this mama started to panic for her baby’s safety.

Longer details omitted, he was fine. Turns out, because we both showered (via a gas hot water heater) after he went to bed (with his door completely shut) and he slept in a pack & play (so he was very low to the ground – gas rises), he was not affected to any degree that a doctor could tell (yes, we had him checked out).

Sub-story: When the original couple was here the first night, the wife suddenly laid down on our bed next to me (I do not remember this). The husband was baffled as to why she was doing that. Turns out, she was starting to be affected by the same poison as we had so deeply in our system.

I wanted to share this scary story with the world because it is such a God Story – such a miraculous saving of lives based on all the circumstances. We probably would have left an orphan boy if it weren’t for our Holy Lord God.

Listen, spend the money.

Don’t live another day anywhere without a carbon monoxide detector.


And join us as we continually praise Jesus for keeping us all alive and safe. It makes me wonder what he has in store for us. Lord, may I be ever obedient and have my ears open to any instruction you give me. May I be worthy of this life you have granted me.

See our main miracle story from our Peru years.

Do you have a God or miracle story you could share with me? Please send me an email. I’d love to take a look and perhaps share it with my readers!

6 thoughts on “Why Don’t You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in Your Home? {A God Story}

  1. That’s terrifying!! What was the source of the leak? I assume you got it fixed!


    1. It was a gas hot water heater that was replaced very quickly! Even landlords in Ecuador are scared of being sued… Yes, it was super terrifying and an amazing story in our life of God’s protection!


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