You Can Be Only So Strong (On Your Own)

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Admittedly, I do not remember very many Sunday School lessons from my high school days. Reasons for that could fill a whole other post…

But I do have snippets of memories, vivid flashbacks to certain moments, specific Bible lessons and various activities we did in the youth group.

One of those memories is of a Sunday morning early in my 10th grade year. My family had just moved from Arkansas to Idaho and I had not made close friends yet. I was sitting on one of those classic shabby “youth group style” couches, indubitably putting on my tough-teen face which really covered up intense shyness and fear of ever being called on.

You can be only so strong on your own... ||

You Can Be Only So Strong (On Your Own)

As I focused on burying myself into that lumpy, threadbare couch, the youth pastor had a boy my age help him with an illustration. The boy had volunteered to hold a baseball bat above his head for as long as possible — perhaps for the whole Sunday School hour.

Honestly, I can’t remember now what Pastor Craig’s specific lesson was about, but for some reason I have always sharply recalled this memory and pondered on it. The boy’s arms started shaking, of course, no matter how much of a muscular tough 15-year-old he was. He was human. He had limits.

Does that remind you of something?

Yeah, it reminds me of myself. How I might volunteer or charge forward to “do it myself” with a certain area of my life, but my arms always start shaking. My knees buckle. I fail.

Yikes! This topic hits home for me - I often think I can do it all without God's help. This is a good reminder for leaning on Him.

I yearn to be so dependent on God that I stop trying to be strong enough for myself. I don’t want Him to just teach me how to be strong — that’s the wrong thing to ask. I need Him to take over my life completely to make my decisions, manage my household and lead my shaking arms.

I need the Holy Spirit to renew me every day as I pray and do my early morning quiet time or my day is going to go poorly. I wish I could say this happens perfectly every day, but of course it doesn’t! However, the journey toward perfecting the process is what is important.

Keep pressing on, my friend. Keep your eyes on Jesus. And remember God is there to hold you up when you falter.

For I am the Lord, your God,
who upholds your right hand 
and says to you, Do not fear;
I will help you.
                                   — Isaiah 41:13

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