When is it Right to Fight (as a Christian)?

This post originally published on a previously-owned blog and was imported here to simplify my life. Please excuse any confusion due to this merge. I hope you enjoy the content!

When is it Right to Fight (as a Christian)?

If you are like me, it is exceedingly easy for you to become distracted with issues, events or decisions that aren’t what really matters. It’s easy to be disturbed by political changes, to be saddened by social issues or to be enraged at opinions of your friends regarding any one of the day’s hot topics.

Just writing that paragraph, my mind jumps straight to what’s-her-name and her opinions on abortion and what’s-his-name’s insistence on flaunting his lifestyle…

It’s so easy to keep track (and at arm’s length) those of our acquaintances we disagree with. It’s such a temptation to mentally maintain a list of our friends’ wrongdoings or “wrong” opinions. And it takes practically zero effort to react to a Facebook or Twitter conversation, engaging in a word battle in which you may actually be wrong yourself!

But what are we fighting about? I mean, really?

Some of us fight for everything – is that Christian?

Some of us fight for nothing – is that Christian?

As a Christian, when is it right to fight and what topics should we discriminate between?


At first I thought it random that I ran across this video transcript today. And then I remembered how God orchestrates the universe and, hello, likely led my big fat touchpad-driving fingers to it.

I’m just sharing this with you today as a focus-bringer. It’s vital that we, as Christians, stand up for certain things, yes! But there is a test for figuring out what really falls in that category.

Please carve out 5 minutes to play When is it Right to Fight and then join me in prayer:

  • Give thanks to God that He is always teaching you and giving you abundant grace in order that you might continue to grow in wisdom and obedience.
  • Pray that He will work on your heart this week (and beyond) in the specific issue of “what really matters.”
  • Pray for the boldness that is necessary to stand up for Jesus and the blood He shed just for you.
  • Pray for unity among believers, because if we aren’t unified…how will we reach others?
  • And thank God again for His promised gift of eternal life. What a gift.

Much love to you, my readers. May God protect and keep you well today.


As a Christian, when is it right to fight and what topics should we discriminate between?


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