Am I Ready Out of Season, Too? (A Bible Study Outline)

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Bible Study Outline: Am I Ready Out of Season?

The proof that our relationship is right with God is that we do our best whether we feel inspired or not. — Oswald Chambers

Mr. Chambers says things like they are! In the above quote, he was specifically looking at 2 Timothy, chapter 4, verse 2 where Paul is instructing Timothy to “be prepared in season and out of season.”

This is another verse I like to reflect on and have saved in my “emergency” stash for surprise study group requests. (You can see more of what I’m talking about in The Determination to Serve, the first Bible study outline I shared on here).

This is a great (FREE!) collection of Bible study outlines in case you're ever in a pickle and need a "last minute" idea!


I understand that this verse is frequently “written off” because it starts out with “Preach the Word.” Well, it must just be a command specifically for pastors and other leaders, right? Wrong! Because Jesus commands us all to carry on His ministry, it only makes sense to me to also take these instructions to heart in my own life. Of course, God is going to use my specific gifts in my specific situations, but I have the great responsibility to be ready to be used!

Chambers also said, “The season does not refer to time; it refers to us.” We always need to have the mentality of obedience whether we feel like it or not. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I would get a whole lot done if I only did things when I really felt like it.

Remember, these are simple posts I blog for you to give you a resource – conversation starters and a focus on a specific passage or topic of the Bible. I hope they are helpful!

Questions & Conversation Starters

  • What are ways you can add discipline to your life in the area of “being prepared” as a Christ follower?
  • Are there other Bible passages that discuss always being prepared?
  • What other related advice or instruction does Paul give Timothy in this letter? How do these all tie together?
  • Give examples from your own life (if you have them) that might assist others in the group in developing Biblical discipline.
  • How can we overcome our emotions and other distractions that are a constant excuse to this type of preparation? (I.e., when we are “too tired” to rise early and read God’s Word.)
  • How can we be sensitive to the situations all around us and recognize how we can be used by God to further His kingdom?
  • Use this last question as a focus of your group prayer.

Click here for a printable PDF version of the above outline.

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