How to Maintain All Those Bible Verses You Keep Memorizing

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I don't know about anyone else, but I'm really good at memorizing, forgetting, memorizing, forgetting... I love this little video that has given me encouragement to try a new way to not forget those Bible verses I've worked so hard on!

How to Maintain All Those Bible Verses You Keep Memorizing

For years I have memorized Bible verses.

And for years I have forgotten Bible verses.

It’s been so defeating and even humiliating at times. A few years back, I was the speaker at a ladies’ Christmas brunch and in the middle of sharing I went to quote one of my favorite Bible passages. I had been so confident in my preparation that I did not even open my Bible – surely I would be able to spout off these two little verses! But, alas, with a hundred eyes on me, I bumbled it almost to point of speaking gibberish. Anyone who noticed (hello, probably every gal there) was gracious in never reacting but was I embarrassed!

I vowed to never let that happen again.

But, as time always takes care of, the shame faded. My determination to better memorize Bible verses took a seat a little farther back and I didn’t really do much about it.

This is one of many cycles I’ve gone through over the years, with serious plans in place to memorize (and sometimes reaching a couple hundred or so verses) and then crashing when life changed course a little.

Surely I am not alone – tell me if you can relate to this!

So over the last few months I have approached several people I know to be wise, disciplined in staying in the Word, Christian leaders and so on. I’ve asked each of them how they maintain Bible verses they memorized.

I wish I could list out their terrific responses, but, honestly, I didn’t get as many answers to my questions as I was hoping for – most people just told me how they memorize initially. Maintaining is a whole other thing and the answers were vague…understandably – it’s hard!

As I’ve alluded to, I’ve been struggling with this and almost jumped for joy (maybe I actually would have if I wasn’t 9 months pregnant right now!) when I ran across this video. John Piper answers the question I’ve been trying to get answered for months!

The two key things I get out of his answer are:

1. What are your ministries?

In what areas do you serve? What types of social events do you attend? In all of these areas, what Bible passages would be the most helpful to you? What verses would give you the ability to encourage others, challenge others or draw them closer to Jesus?

2. What Do You Personally Need?

Figure out what “cluster of texts” that you always want or need at your disposal. Focus on these. Review them regularly with no end date. And as he mentions in another video, pick passages that personally help you fight unbelief in your life.

The Bible is huge and it can be overwhelming to figure out what exactly you should memorize. Watch the video above for thoughts on how you can find the passages you need to memorize and not just what people or churches say you should memorize (although, of course, there can be great suggestions out there). These new-to-me ideas on memorizing Scripture greatly encouraged me and I hope have lit a fire in your own life as well.

Do you have any other methods or tips that have helped you in this area?

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