Book Review: The Essential Bible Companion {by Walton, Strauss & Cooper}

Book Review: The Essential Bible Companion

With as many Bible reference books as there are on the market, it can be overwhelming to know what would be assets to you in your own life. They range from “over-simplified” to “just not relevant” to “way too over the normal person’s head,” am I right?

So I’m just stopping in this morning to give you my two cents on one I have owned for a while and really appreciate. I think what I like most of all is that it keeps things brief but usually fulfills what I’m looking for.

This is one of my favorite books to keep handy when reading my Bible. It keeps things brief but usually fulfills what I'm looking for.


There are 2-4 well-designed pages on each book of the Bible. These pages include a summary, key themes, the purpose of the book, a clearly drawn out timeline and other tidbits.

For me, this helps make the Bible that much more real. I’ve never been one that absolutely needs to know the history of a situation before diving in, but when there is not a more important book on the planet to study, I am thankful for reading companions such as this book.

They market this book to be an accompaniment to “The Bible in 90 Days” curriculum. I haven’t been through these lessons but it sounds like a pretty neat program that can be for any size group, including a whole church. However, this book is also great as a stand-alone.

I always like paper versions of these types of books so I can flip all around quickly, but it looks like the Nook or Kindle versions are both quite a bit less expensive! Also, on Amazon, you can take a look inside the book to see exactly what I’m talking about.

If you are a new believer or are looking for a gift idea for a new believer, this would be helpful to you, too! It can be overwhelming to dive into such a huge book such as the Bible and this companion book would be a great tool for your “study box,” if you will.

Do you have this book? Do you have any other Bible reference books you’d recommend?


LOVE this quote...D.L. Moody: When I study the Bible, I prepare myself to talk to others. When I read the Bible, God talks to me.

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