Book Review: Let Prayer Change Your Life {by Becky Tirabassi}

You've got to hear more about this book that really did change my prayer life -- sydneyelizabeth.blogIt’s probably safe to say that very few books have motivated me to actually (and permanently) alter a big part of my life. Most of the books I tend to read are Christian non-fiction, each in its own way encouraging me or teaching me. And many are probably more eloquently penned than Let Prayer Change Your Life. Most have prettier book covers and quite a few of them are more well-known.

Yet it was this book (and perhaps the weekly discussions with a group) that made such a difference. My prayer life will likely never be the same.

Becky Tirabassi has a powerful testimony of her transformation from drugs and alcohol use to becoming a strong Christian role model, author and speaker. This is primarily a compilation of stories from her life that exemplify whatever topic she’s writing about. It wasn’t the most captivating writing style or skill, but the content completely made up for it.

Story after story after story exhibited the results of when Becky became serious about her prayer time. It was even during one of her newly devoted quiet times with God that she believes the Lord gave her this idea for a “prayer system” — for herself and for sharing with others.

It is basically an organizational tool to help keep you on track, focused and effective in your prayer time. I think it can come across as too rigid from the critical eye, but it should be looked at as more of a guide to make one’s own quiet time as powerful as possible. Becky addresses common questions and concerns, such as, “How can I pray for an entire hour?” With her system (watch out, she loves acronyms!), it entirely removes the burden of this question. She teaches the reader about various aspects of prayer – such as praising God, interceding for others or reading the Bible (and more).

Due to Becky’s encouragement and also a challenge within my group, I’ve vamped up my Scripture memorizing. I plan my evenings so that my mornings go well for Quiet Time. I (most of the time) keep my Quiet Time area clear of clutter to be ready to go. My belief in the power of prayer is increasing. Many parts of my life are changing!

She has also produced a workbook and a journal to go along with this book. I’ve worked through the workbook and recommend it as well. The journal is probably a great tool for some people, but I took all of her advice and molded it into what will work for me and my own journal system. Additionally, she has put together a Change Your Life Daily Bible that has daily readings in the Old Testament, New Testament, Proverbs & Psalms.

If you’re looking for a book to help you learn about prayer, enjoy prayer and greater experience its power, look no further than Let Prayer Change Your Life.

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