Book Review: Counter Culture {by David Platt}

Counter Culture book review on sydneyelizabeth.blogIt took me quite a while after finishing this book to post a review (and this has turned into a whole lesson rather than a simple book review!), but I couldn’t wait any longer to recommend to the world one of the best books of this generation. A couple initial notes:

First, this book should be required reading for every Christian.

Second, prepare to be very uncomfortable while reading it.

The author, David Platt, addresses many “hot topics” in today’s culture, including:

  • poverty
  • same-sex marriage
  • racism
  • sex slavery
  • immigration
  • persecution
  • abortion
  • orphans
  • pornography

Do any of those ring your personal bell of conviction more than others? I bet they do! Platt starts his book off with a bang as he draws into the light the discrepancy of defending ones over others. It’s easy to find blogs, tweets, books and various other platforms all courageously supporting the end to sex slavery or poverty. It’s increasingly common to hear encouragement to adopt and take care of orphans. But how often do you hear a Christian leader or any of your friends defending heterosexual marriage or fighting against the murder of millions of babies each year? Certainly not as often as the former…

We seem to brush a lot under the rug when it makes us uncomfortable. Or maybe it’s just harder to find the words to say when confronted with a topic we don’t agree about.

But did you know that the Bible is clear on all of these issues?

Yep, every single one.

More than that, though, what would happen if we stopped worrying and talking about these issues? What if we all started to realize the issue was actually about God?

…”What might happen if we make him our focus instead? In a world marked by sex slavery and sexual immorality, the abandonment of children and the murder of children, racism and persecution, the needs of the poor and the neglect of the widow, how would we act if we fixed our gaze on the holiness, love, goodness, truth, justice, authority, and mercy of God revealed in the gospel?”

David Platt answers this question as well as writes a chapter on each of the above topics (and more) in this book. He reveals the truth of the Bible and has written a powerful resource for the Christian today. This is not something easily absorbed (in fact, I took months to read it, which is unusual for me), so it is imperative to keep it handy for referencing when needed.

Don’t read this because you’re looking for a trendy Christian book to pick up. Read this when you’re ready for your eyes to be opened and your life to be radically changed.

The book, Counter Culture, is a must-read -- see full review on

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