Book Review: I Didn’t Want to be That Girl! A Look Into the Life of Eve {by Sue A. Allen}

A really well-written Bible study for women, studying the life of Eve! See a review of it at sydneyelizabeth.blogHow many of us fly through the beginning of Genesis because of its familiarity? Have you ever given much thought to the personality or feelings of Eve?

Sue A. Allen has written a lovely Bible study with a fresh perspective. With an audience of women in mind (either single or married), this book presents an 8-week study that covers a variety of topics — all, in my opinion, very relevant to the typical woman today. Eve, though only mentioned a few times in the Bible, is likely one of the most recognized historical people ever! How would you feel if you were known for your worst blunder? What lessons can you learn from her? Allen has those answers.

Each week contains five lessons. I always appreciate this — it relieves the pressure of not missing a day and gives a little breathing room in your schedule. The days vary in length but all are completely manageable to get through in a sitting.

I enjoyed Allen’s conversation-style writing for the most part. There were times I thought it was a little wordy, but don’t for a moment let that deter you. I’m just giving my full, honest review of the book! The “conversations” are very relatable and very real. Her personal stories are interwoven into the lesson of the day and always conclude well, drawing you to the point and, quite often, to an “ah-ha” moment.

Don’t assume you’ll be reading the beginning of Genesis over and over for eight weeks. Each week is well-rounded with Scripture from all over the Word and really paints an accurate picture of each topic discussed.

If you are a leader looking for additional teaching lessons to accompany this study, there is a free set of videos she’s published on Vimeo.

If you’re looking for a new Bible study for yourself or with a group of women, I recommend you pick up this one!

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I had the privilege of being on the launch team for this new Bible study book for women. Though I was provided with a free copy, I was not required to write a positive review. Thank you, Sue, for enriching women’s lives through your writing.

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