Book Review: The Woman Who Outran the Devil {by Shirley Baskett}

The Woman Who Outran the Devil book review on sydneyelizabeth.blogThe main reason I am reviewing this book (besides the fact that it is Christian and I review Christian books!) is to get the word out of this type of story. Our world is very skewed, when it comes to understanding and respecting all beliefs and lifestyles. This book brings a new aspect to the discussion.

The Woman Who Outran the Devil is a true story of a woman’s journey through alcoholism, lesbianism and violence — and eventually discovering Jesus. The back cover reads as follows:

Shirley Baskett’s life was a mess. Drinking heavily, partying most weekends, she moved from one messy relationship to another in a search for permanence and fulfilment.

Her mother had been a believer, but was emotionally disturbed. Her father had rejected the faith when Shirley was young. Her autistic brother had commanded the family’s time and attention. In a search for meaning and identity Shirley attended Bible college. Her first lesbian encounter, with another Christian, occurred the night of her graduation.

Increasingly she found herself torn between the world of sex, violence and alcohol, and a Christian past she had rejected but could not shake off. One fight left her with a broken nose. She was raped.

Contemplating suicide, she offered up one last, unhopeful prayer; it was answered. She began to grow in faith. Then she met Peter…

This powerful account of a life utterly changed will prove an encouragement to all who have lost hope.

Shirley Baskett is not a gifted writer. The writing style and grammar were actually pretty bad, but the reader should look past it to soak in the miraculous story of a lesbian coming to Christ. It is a true example of someone deep in homosexuality realizing she needs Jesus as her Lord. This book helps the reader understand only what I can imagine to be a portion of the difficulties there are to make a transition like that.

I recommend this book to those who desire to expand their worldview and encounter a true story of God’s faithfulness.

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