Book Review: God Gave Us Two {by Lisa Tawn Bergren}

God Gave Us Two book review on sydneyelizabeth.blogChildren are a gift from God; they are his reward. Psalm 127:3

Oftentimes, books are better than parents’ words to teach a child — especially about something they’ve never experienced before. I am convinced the books we have about “new babies” geared toward older siblings were huge tools in helping my son adjust to his baby sister arriving.

God Gave Us Two is actually a sequel, but it stands alone just fine. The Mama polar bear is pregnant and throughout the book, the parents are instilling in their daughter that she is still loved, won’t ever be forgotten and that she’ll even love playing with her new sibling. They discuss what to expect when the baby first arrives and what life will look like as a bigger family.

Throughout it all, God is the theme. This baby is God’s gift to them and God has great plans for him or her (and the firstborn, too). Everything keeps coming back to God, the great Creator, so for that reason I love that book.

It was a little confusing to my son when he wasn’t quite two but as he gets older he appreciates the story more. Also, the firstborn is a girl, so I preferred other “baby is coming” books to make it more aligned with my son’s situation, but that’s not a big deal. Overall, this is a sweet book with beautiful artwork.

More resources:

Author’s website
Illustrator’s website

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