Book Review: Baby Blessings Bible

Baby Blessings Bible book review on sydneyelizabeth.blogWhen my first child was born, we were living overseas with little to no access to children’s books in English. We were blessed from afar when some friends gathered a bunch of books and had someone bring them to us. Baby Blessings Bible was one of them! It is worn and tattered and my son quite often asks for it to be read to him.

Each page has a story focusing on a classic Bible story, from Creation to David & Goliath to the resurrection. It tells the story in well-written rhymes that I love to read aloud. Additionally, it gives the parents prompts for conversation on the topic as well as a small prayer to pray with the child. Underneath each page’s title is a scripture reference to read for more.

I really appreciate that this Bible includes the fact that Jesus died and was resurrected. We have a few that end with the story of him riding into town on a donkey and being praised. That is a wonderful chapter of his life, but it’s not the whole story. My husband and I want our kids to know the whole reason we praise Jesus. He died for us! We are saved because of it!

This book doesn’t seem easy to find anymore, but I found what looks like a newer version of it (which is also the image above — ours looks slightly different). I can’t guarantee the inside is the same, but if it is, scoop it up! Your kids will love it.

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