Book Review: Noah and the Animals {Little People, Fisher Price}

Noah's Ark (Little People) book review on sydneyelizabeth.blogNoah’s Ark is one of the most exciting stories out of the Bible for young children. Animals are just fun to them and this particular book makes the story come alive with interaction.

Each page has several flaps the child can lift in order to find certain items the page describes. For example, one page has the child find two alligators, two foxes, 2 owls, etc. which adds a little memory game to it since he or she has to lift two flaps. One page shows bits of skin color or pattern and the child can lift the flap to see which animal it belongs to. One page matches sounds to animals, one focuses on shapes and so on!

In addition to the fun side of this book, the parent (or whoever is reading it to the child) has parts to read. In very simple terms, the story of Noah and his ark full of animals is told. I appreciate how each stanza rhymes — this makes it enjoyable to read aloud and also better captures the attention of my children.

It begins with God’s instruction to Noah and ends with His rainbow promise that the earth will never be flooded again. It’s a very short book but takes quite a while to get through with a child who wants to do all the lift-the-flap activities. 😉

The artwork, as you can probably see from the image, is based on the Little People brand made by Fisher Price. So the animals and people all have distinct faces and are cute.

It is currently out for $9.99 on Amazon (something, of course, I can’t guarantee won’t change) and I personally feel that’s a good deal for what you get!

This is a book I like to put away and pull out when I need something “new” to hold my toddler’s attention. Probably all parents know what I’m talking about and this is a good one for that. Hope you check it out!

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