Back in the Saddle

Go ahead. Roll your eyes. Sydney has started another blog.

You know, what’s the harm in trying new things till something sticks? I’ve run a lot of blogs over the years — ministry ones that ended when our positions did, food ones that ended when I realized I hated to cook, a for-profit one that sucked too much out of my life and so on.

Not really sure where this one will go, but I have set a few parameters for myself. First, I didn’t even allow myself to set it up with a hosting company — that means no plugins, no constant customization, no obsessing over search engine optimization, and all the other things that come with that package.

Second, if I have an image, fine. If I don’t, fine. No making it Pinterest-, Twitter-, Facebook- and Instagram-worthy. Just plop it on there if I want to use it.

Third, I remember it in my prayers. If it is taking too much time away from being a wife and mother, that’s wrong and it must stop or be corrected.

Fourth, I disabled comments! Crazy, I know. People can read it if they want but I don’t have the thickest skin and negative comments can really ruin things for me. I just want to write. If someone needs to contact me, there’s the contact form. 😉 Hmm, maybe I can even have my husband screen the messages and only forward me nice ones! Yes, good idea!
Note: I did, many months later, change my mind on this. I miss interacting with my people. ❤

Lastly, I’m just relaxed about it. If I want to write one paragraph one day and a novel the next, cool. If I want to go 3 months without publishing anything, cool. I’m not putting parameters on the style, frequency, length, topic or anything limiting the writing. I just want to write.

Hope that sounds okay with everyone! Till next time!


P.S. If you ever happen upon this post and then notice there are many posts prior to this date, it’s because I decided to move over posts from my other blogs. They might not be all moved over yet, but that’s what’s up. 😉

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