Jesus at Funerals

This morning as I was waking up my [almost three-year-old] son, some of his first words were, “Is Jesus going to die?”

I stopped rushing around and immediately dropped down to his bed (where he still was snuggled up in his covers) and was honored and excited to tell him that Jesus will never die again! That He was raised from the dead for forever and ever because He loves us so much that He wants to be our God forever and ever. Things like that…

The reason he was apparently mulling this over was a combination of a couple things — first, in our nightly Family Bible Time (FBT, we call it) we came upon the cross story a couple days ago. It was pretty sad to him, as you might expect! Secondly, we’ve been discussing the general facts of what a funeral is because we were headed to one today for my good friend’s mother.

My little boy’s mind amazes me sometimes as we watch and observe how he processes things and works so hard at understanding concepts bigger than him. I never thought about funerals being something that will help us teach Christ to our children. I mean, I hear good messages at these services concerning Jesus, of course, but in our few years as parents, this hasn’t been something that’s come up until now.

We’ll have an even stronger example coming up in just a few days as we head down to Mike’s aunt’s funeral. There, our son will see familiar faces — much family he knows — and their sadness. I imagine he’ll have more questions and it is just a joy to be able to be his parents. To be used by God to bring him up knowing the Truth about God’s love, His promises and what life is all about.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow! Because He lives, all fear is gone!

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