Road Trip Thinking

I feel particularly small during road trips. I mentioned on Tuesday that we traveled to a funeral for my friend’s mom. Two hours northbound on a road we don’t normally travel with kids being beautifully quiet gives me a lot of thinking time. As landscapes open up around bends and we see houses built into the sides of large hills amidst the constant blanket of evergreens, I once again realize how small my little part of the world is. People after people, cars after cars, homes after homes. The enormity of our world is staggering.

It seems to me that this type of thinking could potentially depress or discourage the average person — that it could make you feel worthless and just an “ant” in this busy world — but it does the opposite for me. The overwhelming proof of God’s existence uplifts me and reminds me of the eternal Hope I have.

He especially loves me and cares for me. It matters to him what this little mama ant is doing with her life. He’s showing me His beauty in these moments, and He also makes sure I know who’s in charge.

I don’t have to wrap my mind around the world. I don’t have to grasp the complexities and intricacies of my surroundings. He is in charge and I can rely on Him.

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