The Bare Minimum Week

This has been one of those weeks in my parenting life in which the word “survival” keeps claiming the theme. Normally, when my husband has to be gone for a week, it’s not so bad — we plan ahead for such weeks. However, my almost-three-year-old has been “having a rufffff tiiiiime,” as he exclaims between tears.

I don’t feel like describing the whole situation at the moment, but through much discussion and prayer, my husband (as much as he could do from Georgia) and I have been working very hard on the situation. I’ve seen a tiny bit of improvement over the course of the week, but let me just say I haven’t been this tired in a long time!

Oh, and I have literally showered one time since he left on Sunday. o_O

So this has been one of those “bare minimum” weeks. We got groceries (a few times, because I kept forgetting things), had the baby’s 12-month check-up and never got behind in the laundry (I have a secret for that). But my floors are gross, don’t even look at the toilets and this blog has been completely ignored. I’m not worried about that last item because of my new parameters, but I did miss it.

Hoping to write more this weekend, but I also need to run some errands I can’t run with the kids. Sorry, hubby, you just flew across the country but I need you to watch the kids. 🙂 Those stockings aren’t going to stuff themselves!

Happy Friday!


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