My Laundry Tips

In all my blogging years, I never thought I’d be writing about laundry, but apparently today is the day!

I’ve seen so much stress from friends about how they are always behind in their family’s laundry. Sure, sometimes I get a little behind, too, but for the most part I don’t. Someone asked me about it just the other day and once I explained what I do, I saw there are three parts to it:

1. The Baskets

Many moons ago, I asked my husband if he’d be game for my new idea, because without his participation, it wouldn’t work as well. He was! So off to the store I went, where I bought 4 laundry baskets. I labeled them for the 4 main types of loads I do — 1. Dark Colors 2. Light Colors 3. Whites 4. Towels. It’s super slick because our toddler can help now. We just send him with some dirty laundry and tell him which basket to put it in (he knows his numbers well). He can even do multiple baskets at a time (i.e., these socks go in #2 and these pants go in #1). I still have to watch what I’m throwing into the washer, but it saves me LOADS of time (no pun intended). The sorting was time consuming. Granted, you need a good-sized laundry area for this and we are currently in a funky house with a laundry room bigger than our kitchen. When we buy a house, I imagine we won’t have such a size and will have to get creative, but having the family sort for me is a MUST.

2. One a Day

We are a family of four, so you’ll probably have to adjust if your family is much bigger, but I can typically stay on top of laundry if I just make sure I do one load a day. Having a “laundry day” and doing several loads in one day didn’t work. It was too hard to stay on top of when I was busy with kids or, really, anything extra. And then that mountain of clean clothes to fold was stressful. I find that if I try to do one load a day, the baskets don’t overflow and we always have enough clean clothes, towels, bibs, etc.

3. Master Bed

Instead of folding laundry in the actual laundry room, I purposely empty out the dryer and take it directly to our bed. This forces me to fold it before sleeping. Admittedly, I will occasionally sweep it all onto the floor and collapse from the parenting exhaustion (I’m smiling), but this really helps me stay on top of folding. A second admission would be that sometimes it doesn’t get put away for a couple days — at least the kids’ portion — because I often fold it when they’re sleeping and can’t get into their room…then, well, life happens.

Anyway, I hope those ideas help someone someday! It has changed my whole perspective on a typically dreaded chore. Happy laundering!

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