Ends and Beginnings

I had really amazing plans for the last week of 2016. Like finish books, catch up on some projects around the house, write blog posts, etc. And then my two tinies got croup…the first full day my husband left for a week. Yeahhh…plans set aside.

Mondays, firsts of months, firsts of years…I love beginnings. Fresh starts. New goals. I don’t feel as prepared for tomorrow as I wish, but you know what? I love taking care of my babies so much that it’s okay I didn’t get to anything on my list, which, by the way, included nothing of importance.

One post I had half-drafted was really neat, but I’ll sum it up here to move on. Did you know Bethlehem means “house of bread” and Jesus called Himself the “Bread of Life”? Also, Bethlehem was not known for anything special. It had few resources of its own, but out of it came the greatest gift of all. God can use anything and anybody!

I do still hope to write a post on my favorite books I read this year, but that’s obviously not going to happen in 2016. Besides, I might finish another one or two today! 😉

Right before the craziness of our last week with barking coughs, high fevers and lots of tears and cuddling, I accepted a new position at our local church. I was approached by it, my husband and I prayed and talked about it and it was clear God was using my natural gifts (you could also say “nerdiness”) to fill a need. I’m nervous but looking forward to the challenge.

Anyway, it’s December 31. Ends and beginnings always make me think. Look back. Look forward. Plan. Dream. Learn from the past. So I’ll just be here, pondering and reflecting…until next time!

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