The Books That Stood Out in 2016

If you’re familiar with StrengthsFinder and understand what “Input” refers to, you’ll somewhat understand (or really understand if you yourself have Input) why I love Goodreads so much. I collect, record, list, track and organize things. It’s just part of my nature. That said, I do something a bit comical and make my Goodreads annual reading goals very high because I track every book I read — which includes kids’ books. 🙂 I feel like it counts because I could read one 100 times in a year and it’s only marked as read once, so it all evens out. Ha!

This is a totally wacky, mixed-genre list, but just the ones that stood out to me this year! Have you read any of these?

ABCers – One we received for free through the Dolly Parton Imagination Library program — a really neat program not available to all areas (but I understand they’re trying to expand).

(If you click the links, most will bring you to my review while the rest go to

After the Boxes are Unpacked – a one-of-a-kind phenomenal resource.

Busy, Busy – I love reading this one aloud and the kids love the artwork!

Counter Culture – should be required for all Christians.

The Entitlement Cure – an extremely relevant read to our American culture today.

Following Papa’s Song — My son loves this one and I love reading it. It’s best read with distinct voices and drama. 😉

Foreman Farley Has a Backhoe — This is actually written to the tune of “Old McDonald Had a Farm” and I [usually] love reading/singing it.

I Am a Bunny — a classic from my own childhood that we all still love to read.

I Am a Church Member — a super small, short book packed with priceless gems.

I Believe in Jesus — an amazing tool to assist the parent who is walking his or her child through the story of salvation.

Ketogenic Cooking — the cookbook that has drastically improved my well-being, my energy and my frequency of migraines.

Let Prayer Change Your Life — When I reviewed this almost a year ago, it had changed my life. Today, it is still changing my life.

Messy Grace — I particularly love re-reading my review on this one. It reminds me of so many important aspects of the author’s message regarding loving those who live different lifestyles from me.

The Night Before Christmas — an absolutely gorgeous, keepsake book my parents gifted to one of my kids. So incredibly cozy.

Quilting School — Between YouTube and this book, my dive into quilting happened successfully. I literally fall asleep designing quilts in my head now…but that’s beside the point. This book is great for teaching many basics and some less-basic techniques.

Raising an Original — one of my favorite parenting books. Seriously.

A Severe Mercy — Once again, I quote the Washington Post: “No brief review can do justice to the human depth of Vanauken’s book.”

Sharing the Bread — an old-fashioned Thanksgiving story for children. I love this kind of stuff.

Street of Eternal Happiness — provides a huge window into typical lives of normal Chinese people. Something I’d never have expected to read and something I wholeheartedly enjoyed.

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